Friends of the Devil

“So Ron found some strange place for us to stay overnight where everyone was in wheelchairs. It must have been some convalescent home. I went to the show and we opened [for the Grateful Dead]. It was weird because back then there was LSD called ‘Purple Owsley.’ Before they opened the doors and let the people in, some guy came around and he had an eyedropper. He came up to everybody and said, ‘Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.’ Well, we all did. Afterwards I was backstage talking to their bass player. I said, ‘That was acid, wasn’t it? I’ve never tried to play on acid.’ He said, ‘Oh you’ll love it.’ I didn’t.
Rick Willard, Pages 90-92

"I remember taking that briefcase and spilling the contents of the cash all over the boardroom table. It’s vivid in my mind. The whole thing was wacko, because everybody was completely loaded on LSD. You can’t do business while you’re on LSD. He was used to being on acid. I wasn’t.
John Williams, Pages 92

“When I was in St. Louis, I still had access and got backstage,” said Wiseman. “I can’t remember how I got my access, because Xanadu was over by then. [Backstage] I started talking to their road manager, Jonathan Riester, and he was blown away by the pictures.”
Riester invited Wiseman to the airport hotel where the band was staying and took him to meet their soundman. “It turned out to be Owsley Stanley III, also known as Bear. So we spent about three hours getting high and looking at the photographs of Miami (Pop Festival) on a slide projector he always had with him.
Jim Wiseman, Page 94


Pages 96 to 99