"a jaw-dropping collection of photos, ads and memorabilia"
"In Concert covers the area's rock roots with the studied eye of a scholar, from lengthy histories of clubs, such as the Castaway and Rainy Daze, to annual outdoor concert series the Metro East's Mississippi River Festival."
Annie Zaleski
Riverfront Times
"The scrapbook style of the book will make you feel like you are backstage with Cream, Jimi Hendrix, the Grateful Dead or an average day as a KSHE DJ."
Andi Allen
St. Louis Globe Democrat Online
"...a perfect gift for the St. Louis rock-music lover who has everything."
Kevin Johnson
St. Louis Post Dispatch
"If you're a fan of Rock 'N' Roll then I highly encourage you to seek out this book if you can, and if you're a native of St. Louis area then this book is a must have!"
Birch Lane Blog
"I got the KSHE book as a Holiday present after it first came out. Regret that I missed the book signing event! It is amazing just to hold it in your hands. Reading every word isn't even enough; there is no white space! Every page background is a faded picture of KSHE concerts, events, celeb's, ticket stubs, old advertisements, venues and more. The book goes on forever and is chock full of EVERYTHING that a true KSHE fan needs to know. Best present I ever got!"
Steven Soule
"Nick Bacott (my cousin-in-law) showed me a copy of that book a few months ago. It's unbelievable! What amazing memories. Its fun to look up the KSHE B-day parties I attended. I distinctly remember going to (maybe the first one?) the show with T-Rex, Heartsfield, Golden Earring, and headliner KISS...the show was memorable because it was my first concert, I was like 12 and my brother Bob (who went with me as my "guardian" disappeared and left me for the entire show amid a bunch of crazy people smoking, drinking and throwing up...I was a little scared.... "
Steven Farber
"Excellent local history for all of us that were raised on KSHE 95. I love this book and display it proudly."
Barb Niehoff


"I purchased the new K-SHE book at the author's book signing last saturday at Vintage Vinyl in the Delmar Loop. It's going to take a year for me to read this fantastic book. So much material from the history of rock 'n' roll in St. Louis is covered. After almost a week since I bought the book, I'm still looking at all the awesome pictures."


"I received your book as a late Christmas present earlier this year. I lived many of the experiences documented in your book. As I experienced these events...I had no idea how much fun I had. I never really took the time to look back like I should have. This book brought back so many memories and memories of friends that are still with me or have since passed on. This was such a great time to be a kid. Music is just as important to me now as it was back in the day. I'm playing somewhere live every weekend...because of the influences that you document in this book......Great Job."
Eddie Thomas
"I really loved the book and gave it a big plug on my community radio show as well and emailed my hundreds and hundreds of contacts, as well as myspace, facebook and twitter about your book as well and how to purchase it."
Beatle Bob
"Your book is amazing! It exceeded my expectations by far! I am soooo proud that I contributed. I can't quit talking about it to all my friends and family. Every time I read a quote or saw a picture of something I gave you, you have no idea how happy it makes me. I bought a book for my brother (who worked concert security too) and went back and got another for Julia's step dad. After he saw mine he couldn't put it down. Of course they will have to wait until Christmas before they can enjoy one of their own. Being in your book is something that can never be taken away from me. I am a part of something that will live forever! You did a great job and I'm proud of you and very proud to be a part of it!
Ken Moekel
"Today I recieved your book, man, this is amazing, what a fantastic book!
Thank you very much for posting the book anyway, although the postage was more than expected.
True & honest people I like to deal with!
Book is magnificent so I made another payment to you by PayPal to cover the postage.
John Gerritsen, Netherlands