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This book is dedicated to Kim, Michelle, Sean, Jack, Judy, Andrea, Denise and Mike



I would like to take a few lines to acknowledge who I am deeply indebted for their support of this book. First to my wife Kim who has stood by me and endured the years of research, writing and design. This would have not been possible without her support, love and faith. To my children Michelle and Sean whose hearts and love inspire and rekindle the passion. Their inspiration remind one of what it is all about while their presence makes me guilty for not always being there. To my parents John Neiman, Judy Neiman and Andrea Mull who guided me down the path I took rather than the one didn’t. Thank you all so much for showing me the way. And thanks so much to my sister Denise Singleton and brother Mike Neiman for introducing me to Real Rock Radio and sharing the fortune of that experience so many years ago.
A special thanks to Toby Weiss, who collaborated with me while asking for nothing but the desire to be a part of something cool. A big thanks to Frank Absher, who organized the 2004 KSHE Reunion. This celebration helped to introduce this idea to many who have been a part of KSHE for the last 40 years.
Thanks to all those who shared their memories and pieces of their past: Frank Absher, Donna Allman, Gordon Atkins, Rick Balis, Nick Barr, Beatle Bob, John Beck, Gary Bennett, Asher Benrubi, Carl Bianco, Sherre Birenbaum, Greg Bishop, J.D. Blackfoot, Dave Blythe, Paul Brewer, Lynn Britt, Dave Brown, Bill Brimson, Seth & Carol Brown, Bob Burch, David Burd, Tony Busekrus, John Carney & KMOX, Steve Carosello, Phil Carson, Mark Ceries, Carri Coffee, Jacklyn Coffee, George Colias, Chuck Conners, J.C. Corcoran, Don and Kathy Corey, Loren Cornelius, Charles Cox, Kevin Cronin, Darrin Cayton, Rich Dalton, Charlie Daniels, Katy Davidson, Gene Denonovich, Rosemary Dix, Roger Earl, Ken and Christine Edmundson, Ron and Gwen Elz, Jeff Evangelista, Guy Favazza, Richard Fendelman, Brent Fernandez, Mike Finnigan, Rich Fisher, Jeff Fister, Klara Foeler/St Louis Historical Society, Ben Fong-Torres, Jack Frazier, Daved Frerker, John Gellman, Ross Gentile, Lou Goad, Barb Goetz, Suzy Gorman, John Gourley, Allan Grafman, Emily Grafman, David Grafman, Howard Grafman, Michael Grafman, Supe Grande, Mike Gratz, Joy Grdnic, Bill Greenblatt, Tom Groth, John and Joan Guciardo, Ted Habeck, Sammy Hagar, Sean Halliday, Louise Harrison, Kenneth Hawkins, Bob Heil, Al Hofer, Dick Holcomb. Mitch Holdinghausen, Paul Hornsby, Drew Johnson, George Johnson, Perry Jordan, Tony Jordan, Skip Irwin, Kevin Kawaguchi, Paul Keila, Rich Kessler, Mark Klose, Gene Knight, Gary Kolander, Gary and Nita Koen, John Korst, Todd Kromer, Katy Kruze, Ron Korte, Rev. Tim Larkin, Jim Laverty, Harry Leip, Richard Leip, Mary Lipe, Dan Liston, Pat Liston, Bob Lohr, Bill Love, Sonja Lundquist, David Lysakowski, Bob Macheska, Peter Maer, Jim Marchyshyn, Jan Marks, Joe Marshall, Joe “Mama” Mason, Tim McCarty, George McCorkle, Amelia McCoy, Michael McDonald, John McLeod, Wayne Meisenholder, Kevin Meyer, Carl Middleman, Dick Merkle, Pete Miraville, Ken Moeckel, Greg Moore, Ralph Morse, Larry Moskovitz, Sonya McDonald, Robert Orchard, Diane Ragone, Bill Rehm, Richard Palmese, Bill Parsons, Scott Pennington, Craig Petty, Steve Pick, Alan Poulin, Denise Purcell, Tracy Rayfield, Bill Rehm, Ed and Debbie Rickert, Pete Rothschild, Steve Rosen, Greg Rovner, Warren Sapp, Sally Schweitzer, Steve Scorfina, John Sebben, Ed Seelig, Ron Singleton, Jim Singer, Mike Sommerville, Jim Solomon, Rick Specking, Wally Spiers & the Belleville News Democrat, Jerry Steele, Ron Stevens Jordan Statler, David Stosberg, Felicia Strong, Stump, Dr. Judith Sweet, Ken Suitter, Jan Sutton, Paula Szeigis, Vince Talaber, Ivan Talley, Chris Tapia, Robert Taylor, Shari Turnbull, David Turos, Tom Tussey, Roger Tryczynski, Jim Utz, Gretchen Walker, Lyle Ward, Dave Warner, Nancy Webb, Cindy Vogt, Lee Whitfield, John Williams, Rick Willard, Paula Wills, Jim Wiseman, Gary Wright, Kuan Yep, Annie Zaleski & RFT, Rick Zumsteg.

Silver Strings Music

Also the friends who headed out to Kiel, The Checkerdome and MRF years ago: Bob Beckman, Jeff Canull, Dick Holcomb, David Huggins, Mike Janco, Ron Korte, Melanie, Joe Mize, Scot Pearson, Larry Perez, Christy Raeber, Jeri Rinder, and Ivan Talley.
The author would like to acknowledge the role of Sam Kaiser through the conception and early development of this project.
I feel privileged to have made the acquaintances of Emily Grafman, Lou Goad, John Guciardo, Gary Koen and Don Corey. I was thrilled that they were able to contribute to this book. However I am deeply saddened that some of them weren't able to see the end result.
Copyright © 2009, Big Jack Publishing. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without written permission from the publisher.