1972 Airway Drive In

“I was there and wondered who these guys were,” said Jack Frazier. “They looked like they just got off the farm: Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill. The drummer Frank Beard looked normal. He had short hair and had the first clear drum kit I had seen. Billy had western wear with pearl buttons, plus a huge buckle like you would see at a rodeo. As soon I heard that tone from that old Les Paul, it reminded me of Joe Walsh."
Jack Frazier

Early Foghat

“I do remember KSHE being very tremendous for the band,” said Roger. “They were there for us throughout the ’70s. Every album we brought out they would get behind. We had regional hits in the St. Louis area we didn’t have anywhere else in the country. ‘Its Too Late’ was a hit because of KSHE. ‘Driving Wheel’ was a regional hit because of KSHE. It was a great radio station. "
Roger Earl of Foghat, Page 107
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