Vietnam Broadcast

“I was stationed at U-Tapao Air Base (in Thailand) during the Vietnam war. I lived in a large three story barracks, and therewere only three air-conditioned rooms in the entire building. The first and second floor rooms were admin offices, the third floor room was the barracks lounge, it had a big console hi-fi set that played radio, records, or reel-to-reel tapes. This was the room that most of the guys hung out in to relax after work, especially since it was air-conditioned. I was one of only a few tape collectors in the barracks, so most of the guys played LPs or Armed Forces Radio on the stereo. When no one was looking I would put in my reels of KSHE, and people would think I was picking up some far-away broadcast. I often wondered how many of them tried to tune in.”
The End is Near, Ralph Morse, Page 30
Pages 32 to 35