Flipping the Switch

Dave Scott was working at KSHE when the format changed, and he recalls a vote being taken of the people who were listening to the station. After an October meeting involving Howard, his brother Shelley and Ron, they ran a survey on the radio. “Who would you like to hear: Frank Sinatra or The Rolling Stones?” Scott said “Probably 50 people called in and The Rolling Stones won out.”
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Backstage, Clapton talked with Rick Willard, of the band The Unknown, about playing with Frank Zappa the previous night in Chicago. “ ‘He’s crazy,’ said Eric. He was telling me how they had a wire that ran from the balcony to the center of the stage and then Zappa came out with this huge plastic phallus and put it in the center of the stage and at a certain point in the song, this spread-eagle doll came sliding down this wire and impaled itself on this phallus thing, and he said, ‘Man, he’s just weird.’ ” recalled Rick.
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