Your Ballroom Days are Over

In 1966, the radio station moved up the road to a cinder block building off the former Route 66. The address was 9434 Watson Road, where KSHE remained for the next twenty-one years, but the blank cinder block walls were still a year away from rock music bouncing off them. The antenna that Ed built was torn down, and a six hundred foot tall tower was erected shortly after Century purchased it in 1964. The cost of the new antenna was almost the same price Century paid for the entire radio station.
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Jan became known for a stunt he did on stage back in those days. “I would jump way up and fold my legs and smack down on my knees and keep singing,” remembered Jan. “But the adrenaline was going so much that it hurt a little bit. There was this other kid that lived down in the city. I saw him down by the Chase. He was trying to imitate what I was doing. He said, ‘I did that thing you do.’ But he did it on a concrete floor and broke his leg. I never did it on concrete. It was carpeting or wood.”
Jan Marks of the Acid-Sette, Page 19
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