A Hard Day's Night

Katy arrived at Comiskey Park on the big day, “I had an usher walk me up to the Bard’s Room. There were a couple of railings on the way in. You had to show your letter of introduction to get in,” said Katy. “I remember Delphia Devin was standing there outside the railing. She recognized me. She was from KXOK. She did reports from England. She was their British correspondent. She went up there with Johnny Rabbitt. Before that I was a teenybopper that went to all these things KXOK put on. She asked, “Could you get me in? Is there any way you could get me in?” I was thinking to myself, I could get in and she couldn’t. That’s when I knew I had arrived.
Katy Macleod, Page 20

The Stones in 1966

She ran away from home and went to Lambert Airport at midnight to wait for the plane. “Two friends and I went out there with our mini skirts and passions for Mick Jagger,” said Katy. The plane was late, so the two workers who were on the ramp that night gave the girls rides on the airport vehicles. The plane did not touch down until 4 a.m. There to greet the Stones was those two workers and Katy and two friends. Although none of them said much of anything, one girl did get the information coveted by all three. The band was staying at the Chase Hotel for a number of days. The three girls went to visit The Stones at the hotel, and hung out there trying to get close to the band. “They weren’t interested in us. We were too young, but they did ask if we knew any older women.”
Katy MacLeod, Page 22
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