November 5, 1972

“KSHE’s first birthday party they had John McLaughlin and in his contract he had a rider requiring beer and liquor,” remembered Jim Singer.“There were Blue Laws in Missouri so you couldn’t buy any liquor in St. Louis on Sunday, but there were no Blue Laws in Illinois and the only place I knew about was in East St. Louis. Well, here I was an underage Jewish white boy and I had a date. Rick Lee came to me and told me I had to go the East St. Louis to get the liquor... "
Jim Singer, Page 122

November 7, 1974

“[Gene Simmons fake blood] was on the monitors. I hated that. I kept looking at that and wanted to throw up. I almost wanted to grab one of the road crew and say, ‘clean the monitors off.’ When J.C. slipped on it, we thought, ‘My God, at least have a clean up crew to clean up the mess.’”
Perry Jordan, Page 125
“The KSHE show we did blew Marc Bolan's mind... he came running into our dressing room after our set with his girlfriend Gloria Jones and he said we were the best thing he had ever seen. Couldn't believe it was our first concert! A few years later I was in London and got a publishing deal with Chrysalis Music and was going to call Marc and try to get him to help me save the Space Rangers. I knew he would have helped me. He was a great guy! The evening before I was going to call him, Gloria ran off the road in their Mini Cooper and ran into a tree - as you know Marc was killed! After that Jamie Herndon the Space Rangers keyboardist went with Nick Guilder and Timmy McGovern the Space drummer became a guitarist and went with the Motels. I did manage to record a few things with Mike Willis the Space Rangers guitarist after I got a deal with RCA in Amsterdam. Recently Mike and Jamie and I recorded tracks for a project called "Space Rangers Three" I've been working on my Hundred Watt Head and La La Land Blues Band for a while now with Jamie from SR's and drummer Dusty Watson who I worked with when I produce and played on Lita Ford's first album "Out For Blood"! The new Hundred Watt Head album I'm working on now is some of the best stuff I've ever done! I signed a deal with Ruth McCartney (Paul's sis) and her iFanz iTunes label but they don't do much promotion....she did put the together for me and there is an interview there.
Just a little trivia!”
Neil Merryweather
Pages 128 to 133