The Brothers

“I finally found 2 and 4 and then I stayed with it, counting in my own head. But as it went along, suddenly it was like nothing I’d ever experienced. This music unfolded right before me. Suddenly I found myself in the middle of this rhythmic storm that I never experienced
before. And he could tell. He just looked at me and smiled and said, ‘Nice when it’s right, ain’t it?’ ” Pat went on to further his education at the St. Louis Institute of Music before heading off to California in 1969 to continue to play in rhythm and blues bands.”
Pat Liston, Page 128
“By 1969, Pat’s brother Dan hooked up with The Soulful Illusion as their guitarist. They played the Teen Town at St. Mary, a Catholic school gym. “Now we would play a lot of clubs out in Kimswick and areas like that,” said Dan. “Obviously the brothers were a little concerned about those gigs. We’d say, ‘All right, as we go through town, duck down a little bit.’ It’s like, they don’t mind you singing, they just don’t want to see you off the stage. There were times when we’d leave these clubs and drive out these parking lots in the outskirts areas, and you would hear them say, ‘Hey you nigger lovers.’ And it was like ‘OK, can you accelerate just a little bit quicker?’ But these same guys were in the front rockin’ out [at the show] while we were playing.”
Dan Liston, Page 128
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