Who Came

It had been almost two years since The Who had crisscrossed the land, leaving shards of their equipment in their wake. But in the summer of 1969 they made “The Amazing Journey,” and promoted an album simply titled Tommy. A month and a half before their debut at Woodstock, and only a week after its release to the world, St. Louis rock fans were treated to a full-blown rendition of The Who’s monster rock opera.
The Who in '69, Page 71

Makin' Bacon

This pork wasn’t the smoked variety that made its way to your breakfast table. Rather, this pig was smoking a variety that would send you to the convenience store for a bag of chips. Introduced in 1972, soon it seemed an entire generation had this pot-smoking pig emblazoned across shirts, hats, key rings, bumper stickers, calendars, pens, belt buckles and anything that the folks at the radio station could print them on. For those in the Midwest, this counter-culture icon became a pop art symbol as much as the skull used by the Grateful Dead, or the lips adopted by the Stones. The logo became an icon.
Beginnings of an icon, Page 72
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