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DJs Aug 1970

Roger Waters

V.P. Ball


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Pink Floyd's Dark Side

With portions of the audience primed, flashbombs erupted from a column of large canisters lining the stage during the song “Careful with that Axe, Eugene.” The flash turned the inside of the cavernous hall from night to day and combined with a scream from Roger Waters, shocked the senses of the audience.
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The Last V.P. Ball

Four years before joining Jorge in producing the event, Rothschild attended one of the Velvet Plastic Balls. “It was at a hotel in the Central West End,” he recalls. “It was Albert King and a group from Columbia, Missouri, a psychedelic band called The Sound Farm. That was a great party. The police shut it down about 1 o’clock because there were minors. But the band kept playing anyway. They wouldn’t leave.”
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