Head East Finds Direction

“Our dressing room was jam-packed most of the time. It was mostly family and friends. I remember a lot of police hanging out in there. I think they were just hanging out making sure we weren't doing anything illegal. I was probably more nervous at Superjam that any other gig. It was very hot. It was really crowded. Sometimes when you play something like that, all at once you're playing for everybody in the world, but then again it's like you're playing for nobody. Solid people and you can't distinguish anyone.”
Mike Somerville, Page 142

The Long Road

“For Kevin, the bond with St. Louis never went away. “It’s a great relationship we had and every time we came to St. Louis. I just remember back in those days, when we booked the St. Louis gig for the year, and I’ll tell you its not that different today. St. Louis still has a special place in the heart of REO Speedwagon. We always look forward to the show in St. Louis because it is a really special city to us, and it always has been and it always will be.
Kevin Cronin, Page 144
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