1974 Kite Fly

“The van had been paneled on the inside. Over the wheel wells, there was a boxed out ledge you could sit on. There were no chairs or anything. The four members of the band all sat on the wheel wells. They were feeling pretty good about themselves. And somebody said, I forgot who, ‘Hey, who is in charge of getting the girls tonight?’ And then Paul Stanley said, ‘Yeah, right. Like tonight’s gonna be any different than any other night. You’ll be alone in your room."
David Grafman, Page 113

1975 Kite Fly

“By the time Charlie had hit the stage the park was overrun. Besides the power, Mark was also in charge of acquiring the Port- a-Johns. “I got to do all the glamorous jobs,” said Mark. “The year before we had four of them, and this year they had eight. So we basically had 10,000 people for one Port-a-John. So obviously people were just relieving themselves on just about anything that wasn’t moving."
Mark Klose, Page 114
Pages 108 to 111