On the Road

“This is one of the first places that adopted The Silver Bullet,” said Bob. “We drove down from Detroit to play in this area. We did a cave in Festus, Missouri... We want to thank you guys. You really helped. You were the first station in this area to play us and we appreciate it too.” The cave Bob was referring to was a venue called Caveland in Festus in the late ’60s. Other bands recall the teen venue wasn’t an ideal setting for acoustics.
Bob Seger, May 29, 1980, page 67

Rock and Roll Auction

Shelley was the man behind the legendary Kite Flys, the free Drive-In shows and the KSHE Birthday Parties. His vision was adopted by hundreds of thousands of kids who made KSHE a landmark in the city. His most forward-thinking vision is the one maybe most people don’t recall: the KSHE’s Rock and Roll Auction. In the late 1970s, long before The Hard Rock Cafe lined their walls with unique and rare music memorabilia, and decades before the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame came into existence, KSHE gave listeners a chance to acquire artifacts that were used by some of the most famous names in the business. Items such as Mick Jagger’s hat from The Stone’s 1978 tour, a guitar owned by Chuck Berry and even Alice Cooper’s pet Boa Constrictor were auctioned off, with proceeds going to The American Cancer Society and The Heart Association.
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